Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

Ash Stymest : My favourite male model

Okay, this is the first time I fall in love with male model. When the first I saw him, is on the cover of Vogue homme (japan edition), and I was blown away by him. The reason is, he's not a typical male model, he have what it takes, a combination between bad boy and quirky look, he is thin but so so sexy, the camera loves his face, he is a london boy, he is a 1000 faces model and the most important he got style. Everytime I saw his face on the magazine or any fashion spreads, I'm talking to myself 'go on and make mama proud' *now i've become his mom.
Sexy, nerd, masculine, ok just shoot him.

Kamis, 11 Februari 2010


one of the reason i ENGLAND
one of the reason why I want to study @central saint martin

One of the most Genius Fashion Designer in fashion industry, Alexander Mqueen commits suicide. The 40-year-old designer committed suicide just three years after his close friend, Isabella Blow - who helped him become a rising star - killed herself. A source at McQueen’s office this afternoon confirmed his death, saying: ‘It is a tragic loss.' One of my favourite fashion designer, he is very genius, amazing line of design, avant garde!! we love you mcqueen!

Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Didit Hediprasetyo Spring Summer 2010

Didit Hediprasetyo

the shoes by Christian Louboutin

Wow, I was blown away by Didit Hediprasetyo. One of the most talented young Fashion Designer in Indonesia. He presents Dididt Hediprasetyo Spring-Summer 2010 collection at the end of Haute Couture fashion week at hotel Crillon, in Paris, France, on January 28, 2010. And I think I'm gonna start to love him, because his design is sophisticated, representing a Woman as a dominant, strong yet feminin and modern. He play with a simple color and put his effort on the details. And I think it's a very beautiful collection. I hope he will be the Next Big Thing in Indonesia fashion Industry and Also Paris, Milan, NY, Hongkong and all over the world.

my favorite dress

beautiful dress

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