Minggu, 10 Mei 2009

Shop Recommendation : POPULO store @senayan city

in the April 5th 2009, I was had a photoshot in POPULO store @ senayan city. I was do an assignment, and write a report examines issue about the window display of Populo store. But, it was too late, I already finnish my assignment with another store. Hahahah, so now I want to talked about how everybody in Populo is very welcoming, warm and down to earth. Thanks a lot to Ms. Chika and Mr. Armand for being such a sweet, humble and warm person. and I recommend you to shop there, because their have a very wearable collection and their a local shop!

front of the shop, in callaboration with Star Wars fans club

my favourite part of the window display

front of the shop, very provocative

display inside the shop, fred perry products


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